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    Have you recently relocated to a new home with a driveway that’s either in a state of disrepair or absent entirely? Or perhaps you’ve lived at your current address for a long time and are now forced to park by the side of the road. Neither scenario is acceptable, and the good news is that you will not have to put up with it for a lot longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a team of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Whatever you require of us, from a simple spot repair work to a full renovation or driveway installment, we can manage it. There’s a whole lot to unpack here, and it’s most likely you have a plethora of questions which you would love to put to us. The good news is that we have actually taken the liberty of answering a couple of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

    One of the questions we’re asked most regularly is, why us? This is a very simple question to answer -by hiring Resin Wize for residential and commercial projects; you can appreciate benefits which include:

    • 25-Year Product
    • Competitive Rates/ Like-for-Like Quotes Beaten
    • Wide Variety of Colours with Options to Mix and Match
    • 15-Year Setup Warranty
    • Environmentally Friendly/ Puddle-Free Solution
    • Rapid-Fast Installation

    For resin driveways, Poole customers, which defy expectations, give Resin Wize a phone call today on 03330 068 286.

    The Number One Choice for Resin Driveways in Poole

    A driveway is often taken for granted and it’s not up until we no longer have access to it that we understand just how important it is. From providing a safe and protected spot to park your vehicles to providing you with much-needed convenience, a driveway is an invaluable financial investment that’ll easily pay for itself over time. Having a driveway installed or refurbished easily increases the worth of your residential or commercial property.

    Regardless of what it is you require us to do, you can always count on the Resin Wize team when it comes to resin driveways. Following a discussion with you, we’ll have a precise estimation of the measurements for your brand-new driveway.

    We’ll additionally show you samples and discuss with you colour options as well as any kind of additional attributes you require, such as fencing, walls, and steps. Speaking of colours, we have access to an almost infinite variety of aggregates. As a result of this, we can offer practically any colour as well as mix and match choices for really special colour combinations. We make every effort to offer the most effective resin surfaces around and welcome any and all queries.

    Why Pick Resin Wize?

    Selecting Resin Wize for resin driveways in Poole truly is a no-brainer. If you’ve shopped elsewhere already, let us know how much you were quoted.

    And by picking us, you’ll have guarantees that we only ever use premium-quality, UV-stabilised resin. Our resin will never fade or discolour, offers outstanding resistances, and can support up to 30-tonnes of weight. Additionally, when you choose resin bound driveways, Poole clients, you’ll have a driveway that’s completely SUDS compatible.

    Would you like to learn more? Get in touch with Resin Wize today by calling us on 03330 068 286.

    Neither situation is acceptable, and the great news is that you will not have to put up with it for much longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a company of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Regardless of what it is you need us to do, you can definitely count on the Resin Wize team when it comes to resin driveways. Choosing Resin Wize for resin driveways in Poole truly is a no-brainer. Plus, when you pick resin bound driveways, Poole clients, you’ll have a driveway that’s completely SUDS compatible.

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    25 year product Resin Wize Contractors
    Very Economical Resin Wize Contractors
    Colour options from Resin Wize Contractors
    the Resin Wize Contractors


    A resin driveway is, essentially, any surface that incorporates an appropriate type of resin with an aggregate. Aggregates are tiny stone chippings which are added to the resin before or during the curing process. These aggregates come in a wide range of colours as well as are responsible for the driveway’s colour profile. Resin driveways, Poole clients, are available in two options– resin bound and bonded.

    Resin Bonded

    Resin-bonded surfaces are made by spreading the resin across the base. Resin bonded surfaces aren’t permeable, or SUDS compliant, and also stone chips can be quickly displaced.

    Resin Bound

    Resin-bound surfaces are made by blending the resin with the aggregates prior to applying the blend over the base. Due to the fact that the aggregates are embedded, they won’t break loose, and the resulting surface will also be porous, making it SUDS compliant. As a result of this, surface water won’t accumulate, and groundwater can be easily replenished, making this an environmentally friendly option.

    Resin-bound surfaces also help to filtrate water passing through, making resin bound surfaces terrific for driveways, forecourts, and also car parks. Comparatively speaking, resin-bound surfaces are a little more expensive, yet they last much longer and are a wonderful option for those looking for resin driveways, Poole clients.

    A resin driveway is, in a nutshell, any surface that incorporates an appropriate form of resin with an aggregate. Resin driveways, Poole clients, are readily available in 2 options– resin bonded and bound.

    Resin-bound surfaces are made by blending the resin with the aggregates before using the mix over the base.

    How Long Does It Take to Lay a Resin Driveway?

    Unlike other surfacing providers that you might have found, we here at Resin Wize are specialists in this material. This means that our team have the ability to operate very quickly and efficiently to set up your new resin driveways in Poole. It usually takes our staff around 1-3 days to finalise the task.

    All of the work we do is carried out internally. We never use sub-contractors such is the quality of the staff members that we have. All of our specialists are ex-civil engineers that possess a load of experience. Every one is very knowledgeable and has appropriate certifications, so you can place your full trust in us to set up resin driveways. Poole residents need to understand that we keep strict quality control throughout the project.

    We will not be pleased up until you are, so we make certain to keep your vision at the center of our minds. Of course, if you would like our professional opinion or guidance, then we are more than happy to provide it. Despite the fact that we work very quickly to set up your new surface, we never compromise on quality.

    Once we have actually completed the job, our team of engineers will hose down the area, making certain that it is neat as well as clean. There is no question that you will be wowed with the condition of your new surface once we are completed, yet to give it that extra touch, we always ensure that the area is neat. Your brand-new driveway will be ready for usage right after we leave the grounds.

    What colours are resin driveways?

    Short answer– whichever colour you desire! No matter what your exact tastes and requirements might be, Resin Wize can assist without a doubt. We have seen and heard it all before when it comes to ideas and design choices for resin driveways, Poole clients.

    Here at Resin Wize, we have an enormous array of different colours as well as finishes available. We are certain that everybody will be able to get precisely what they want from our excellent variety, without any compromises.

    Consumers can also pick to mix and match several different aggregates together to create truly one-of-a-kind looking styles that no one else has. With Resin Wize, no two driveways ever look exactly the same as we want our clients to get something that truly enhances their tastes. Some individuals choose a modest conventional appearance while others demand wacky colours and patterns — anything goes!

    You’ll be happy to know that every one of our surfaces are UV-stable, so your brand-new resin driveway won’t fade or change in colour, even when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. The appealing colours will be there for the duration of the surface’s life cycle and several of the color options you can select from include:

    Brim Stone
    Camas Bay
    Desert Gold
    Grey Mist
    Harvest Gold
    Red River
    Rose Flint
    Sea Shore
    Silver Haze
    And Many More!

    Are resin driveways environmentally friendly?

    Yes, they are. In fact, the resin driveways Poole can get from Resin Wize are one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible surfacing options available on the market. You will get a durable surface that’s simultaneously aesthetically appealing and durable!

    Of course, water drainage is a significant problem when it pertains to shielding wildlife and this is often a factor to consider for people who want a functional resilient driveway but do not wish to affect the environment negatively. This is where Resin Wize comes in to aid.

    It’s true that there are several driveway materials available on the market that are just unsuitable for wildlife because they don’t allow for proper drainage. No drainage means no flood prevention, which means that there will be much less water for plants to expand and flourish from which, subsequently, means that local wildlife won’t have an appropriate habitat to live.

    Thankfully, you have now discovered our resin driveways, Poole homeowners. The material we use for driveways is completely permeable, which means that water will easily permeate via the surface and minimize the risk of swamped drains.

    Water drainage plays a significant role and this is why resin is an increasingly preferred choice for a driveway material for individuals who are passionate about environmental issues. You’ll be happy to know that getting an eco-friendly surface doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on resilience or aesthetic allure.

    In fact, the opposite holds true when you allow Resin Wize handle your project from start to finish. Every one of our driveways are long-lasting, durable and visually stunning at the same time, giving you the very best of both worlds!

    What do you lay resin driveways on?

    You will want to understand the ins and also outs of building and installation if you are looking to spend in a resin driveway. Among the inquiries we are asked fairly often is what surface do you lay the brand-new resin driveways on, and the short answer is that it can differ. There are multiple factors we need to consider at Resin Wize, but we have actually entered into some detail for you listed below.

    A new resin surface can be laid directly over an existing surface such as tarmac or concrete, but only if this surface is secure sufficient to support the resin surface ahead. We would require to strip it away and also prepare a brand-new base for you prior to installation of the resin if the foundations of the existing surface are too badly used.

    However, we additionally need to think about the permeability of any existing surface. We will need to mount a brand-new porous base to replace a tarmac or concrete one if you want to have a totally permeable driveway.

    If we mount resin driveways, Poole clients, on top of block paving, the surface can be harmed by the smallest motion. Furthermore, if you have a grass location that you wish to change into a resin driveway, we will need to lug out groundworks before we can mount your new surface.

    How do you maintain a resin driveway?

    One of the most attractive aspects of a resin driveway is how low maintenance they are. Whether it be a resin-bound or resin-bonded surface, resin driveways, Poole clients, require very little upkeep in order to stay in good condition. By investing in a resin surface, you’ll be saving a lot of time that would certainly be begrudgingly invested fixing-up an or else tattered driveway.

    Whereas certain surfaces require expensive chemicals to be cleaned properly, the only thing you’ll require for your resin driveway is a hose and brush. Any dirt that accumulates on your resin surface can be brushed away quickly while hosing down the driveway will certainly maintain it looking clean. The only concern you must watch out for are oil and petrol spills, as, if not taken care of quickly, they can cause serious issues that require special attention.

    While our team will certainly lay down a strong weed-killer prior to having your driveway laid, this does not make for a 100% guarantee. If you do discover that weeds are growing under your driveway, then you must lay down an effective weed-killer as quickly as possible.

    Our team are always on call to offer useful maintenance recommendations to home owners interested in our resin driveways. Poole customers will find that our resin choices are even more manageable than other surfaces that are on call.

    and loose bits that might have built up gradually with time. Stubborn stains on these surfaces are really rare and if they do happen, they can easily be dealt with, with a proper pressure-wash.

    All you need to do to avoid tyre marks on your new surface is not turn the wheels while your vehicle is stationary. Finally, you’ll more than happy to know that resin surfacing is weed-resistant, so you will not need to stress over anything sprouting up from underneath.

    The reasons listedd above is why Resin Wize onsiders resin driveways to be the supreme surfacing choice for the majority of client needs in the Dorset area. You are going to get a surface that’s visually pleasing, very durable, entirely porous, affordably priced and low-maintenance, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from switching over!

    Is a resin driveway right for me?

    The benefits of choosing resin driveways in Poole far exceed the downsides, so it is a very easy choice to pick resin over other surfaces for both domestic and commercial facilities. Perhaps, the primary benefit of resin bound surfaces is that it is permeable, so there is no danger of flooding or puddles appearing.

    When mounted over a permeable base, your driveway will create a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). Along with this, your surface is resilient to very cold and also softening, which indicates that when it gets bitterly cold in the winter season and scorching hot in the summer, your surface will remain unscathed.

    Resin is recognized for being low upkeep, so all you will require is a thick brush to clear away leaves and debris. For any kind of discolorations that are persistent, a pressure wash is needed to get your Poole resin driveways back to their best condition.

    Not only does resin boast a variety of vital sensible qualities, but it is aesthetically pleasing. Unlike various other surfaces, resin enables you to select several aggregates with various colour mixtures. For home owners that want an eye-catching, vibrant driveway or industrial customers that desire their brand colours to be shown, we can do it.

    So, if you want a long lasting, lasting, as well as beautiful driveway that requires little upkeep, then resin is certainly the most effective option for you.


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