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    Have you recently moved to a new property with a driveway that’s either in a state of disrepair or missing entirely? Or perhaps you’ve lived at your present address for a long time and are currently forced to park by the side of the road. Neither scenario is acceptable, and the good news is that you will not have to tolerate it for a lot longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a company of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Whatever you need of us, from a simple spot repair service to a total renovation or driveway setup, we can manage it.

    One of the questions we’re asked most often is, why us? This is a really simple question to answer -by hiring Resin Wize for domestic and commercial projects; you can appreciate benefits which include:

    • 25-Year Product
    • Affordable Rates/ Like-for-Like Quotes Beaten
    • Wide Range of Colours with Options to Mix and Match
    • 15-Year Installment Guarantee
    • Environmentally Friendly/ Puddle-Free Solution
    • Rapid-Fast Installation

    For resin driveways, Southampton customers, which defy expectations, give Resin Wize a call today on 02382 356 487.

    The Number One Choice for Resin Driveways in Southampton

    A driveway is often taken for granted and it’s not until we no longer have access to it that we become aware just how important it is. From providing a secure and risk-free spot to park your car to providing you with much-needed convenience, a driveway is an invaluable financial investment that’ll easily pay for itself with time. Having a driveway installed or refurbished easily increases the value of your residential or commercial property.

    Regardless of what it is you need us to do, you can always count on the Resin Wize team when it comes to resin driveways. Following a discussion with you, we’ll have an exact approximation of the dimensions for your brand-new driveway.

    We’ll also show you samples and discuss with you colour choices along with any type of additional attributes you need, such as secure fencing, walls, as well as steps. Speaking of colours, we have access to an almost unlimited range of aggregates. Because of this, we can offer virtually any colour as well as mix and match options for truly distinct colour mixes. We make every effort to offer the most effective resin surfaces around and welcome any and all queries.

    Why Choose Resin Wize?

    Choosing Resin Wize for resin driveways in Southampton really is a no-brainer. If you’ve shopped somewhere else already, let us know how much you were quoted.

    And by picking us, you’ll have guarantees that we only ever utilize premium-quality, UV-stabilised resin. Our resin will never fade or discolour, offers outstanding resistances, and can support up to 30-tonnes of weight. Plus, when you select resin bound driveways, Southampton clients, you’ll have a driveway that’s fully SUDS compatible.

    Would you like to find out more? Get in touch with Resin Wize today by calling us on 02382 356 487.

    Neither scenario is acceptable, and the great news is that you will not have to put up with it for a lot longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a company of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Regardless of what it is you require us to do, you can definitely count on the Resin Wize company when it comes to resin driveways. Selecting Resin Wize for resin driveways in Southampton really is a no-brainer. Additionally, when you pick resin bound driveways, Southampton customers, you’ll have a driveway that’s totally SUDS compatible.

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    25 year product Resin Wize Contractors
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    the Resin Wize Contractors
    25 year product Resin Wize Contractors
    Very Economical Resin Wize Contractors
    Colour options from Resin Wize Contractors
    the Resin Wize Contractors


    Resin is a surfacing product that is growing in appeal over the last few years, with lots of homeowners selecting resin driveways. Southampton residents, you might be thinking about one for your own residential or commercial property but are unclear what a resin surface actually is. So, just what is resin?

    Basically, it is a mixture of accumulated stones integrated with a resin remedy. The aggregate stones, which can be available in a wide range of colours, are blended with a clear resin binder, which layers every fragment. This develops a chilly pour product that can after that be applied to the surface, resulting in a smooth and also quality driveway.

    Resin is a flexible material that requires very little maintenance from you. Resin is likewise a UV secure material, implying that your resin driveways in Southampton won’t discolour or discolor over time, even when subjected to direct sunshine.

    Due to the way a resin surface is made, these surfaces are completely permeable. Southampton, resin driveways will certainly additionally meet the needs of Lasting Urban Drainage Solution (SUDS) criteria.

    How Much Time Does It Take to Lay a Resin Driveway?

    It is usual for property owners to ask us how much time it will take to have a resin driveway installed. Whereas other surface types can take an extended duration to be fitted properly, resin surfaces take us, on average, 1-3 days to lay in their entirety.

    Customers having small driveways fitted outside the front of their home can expect the job to take no longer than a day. On the other hand, estate proprietors looking to resurface a large area should expect the job to take up to three days for our team to complete. While always intending to finish as quickly as possible, we take our time on each job to ensure that our high standards are maintained at all times.

    Resin driveways, Southampton customers, can normally be walked upon four hours after they’ve been laid down by our team. We highly suggest that you wait at the very least 24 hours before driving your car onto the surface. Such a waiting time would be standard for any other surface type, as well as thinking about all the benefits resin surfaces supply, it’s not too big of an ask.

    The bottom line is, our team will certainly always endeavour to have your resin surface fitted in as little time as possible. Our staff will certainly always provide you a rough timeline of the project and update you on our progress throughout.

    What edging options are available?

    At Resin Wize, we’re proud to provide a number of customisable driveway features for customers to take advantage of. As being able to choose from a broad range of colours for their surface, property owners in Southampton will also be able to select edging for their driveway.

    Edging is simply a border that is fitted around the outside of your resin driveway to not just protect it but give it a tidy as well as sleek looking finish. One edging option that we provide is aluminium. Not just is this one of the most cost-effective edging material we offer, but it is also one that is easy and durable to install. Aluminium edging will help to prevent your resin surface from expanding and also cracking by holding it securely in position, while also looking fantastic.

    One more edging choice we provide is leading slabs. These slabs will be placed around the border of your driveway as well as can be arranged in to captivating patterns that will improve the general appearance of the surface. In a similar way, walls can be erected around your driveway in such a style that they act as edging and also offer the very same visual as well as practical function.

    Finally, we provide granite setts; a more costly edging option that deserves the financial investment thanks to their strength and also aesthetic appeal. These setts are durable, quick to install, and also resistant to fading, making them worthy of the additional price. As always, our team enjoy to run through customisation options to ensure you get the called for edging.

    Are resin driveways porous?

    When locals are thinking concerning adding a new surface to their property, numerous homeowners merely assume of the appearances of a product. One of the most important aspects they will certainly require to take into consideration is the danger of the surface flooding or water run off affecting their building.

    What this means for you, Southampton clients, is that your brand-new surface will allow water to drain through the surface successfully. You will discover there are small spaces between the aggregates and also the resin, small sufficient that they cause no problems to the toughness, resilience, or visual appeals of your surface. However, these little voids are what permits the water to pass through the surface and right into the ground below.

    This leaks in the structure prevents pools from forming on your resin driveways in Southampton. Subsequently, this protects against standing water from running as well as collecting off the surface, which can cause various concerns for your property.

    A fringe benefit to your Southampton resin driveways being permeable is that it will certainly not ice up or soften, unlike a tarmac surface. Every one of this means that, with an absorptive surface, not only will you be assisting ground water replenishment, you will be gaining from a surface that is durable and also will last for years to come.

    What do you lay resin driveways on?

    While this is a simple question, the answer is less so, as there are many factors that need to be thought about. Every home owner looking to invest in resin driveways in Southampton will certainly have a different property exterior set up, so it is our job at Resin Wize to recommend clients sufficiently. The first thing to note is that resin driveways, Southampton clients, can not be laid over block, soil, or grass paving.

    Grass and also soil are not an appropriate area to act as a sub-base as they are too unstable for the resin to sit on. Likewise, block paving lacks stability as even the slightest of movements in the sub-base can damage your brand-new resin driveway. The very best alternative is to have a brand-new porous base built that your surface can then be laid upon quickly. It is advised to have a brand-new area built to reduce the possibilities of any type of flaws developing with your driveway in the future.

    It is feasible to have a resin driveway installed over an existing tarmac or concrete area. However, it is worth stressing that these surfaces have to be in top condition in order for them to be ideal. Even the smallest gaps can cause extreme lasting damages to your resin area that would certainly cause an expensive repair.

    An additional factor to think about is the proximity of trees to the location of your new driveway. Resin driveways, Southampton customers, are durable, yet if there are particularly strong roots expanding close by, they might cause problems. Our team at Resin Wize are always on-hand to help you choose which location of your home exterior would certainly be ideal for a brand-new driveway.


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