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    Have you recently relocated to a brand-new home with a driveway that’s either in a state of disrepair or absent entirely? Or perhaps you’ve lived at your present address for a long time and are currently forced to park by the side of the road. Neither scenario is acceptable, and the good news is that you will not have to put up with it for a lot longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a company of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Whatever you need of us, from a simple spot repair to a complete refurbishment or driveway installation, we can manage it.

    One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, why us? This is a very simple question to answer -by hiring Resin Wize for commercial and domestic tasks; you can enjoy benefits that include:

    • 25-Year Product
    • Affordable Rates/ Like-for-Like Quotes Beaten
    • Wide Variety of Colours with Options to Mix and Match
    • 15-Year Installment Guarantee
    • Environmentally Friendly/ Puddle-Free Solution
    • Rapid-Fast Installation

    For resin driveways, {{location_name}} clients, which defy expectations, give Resin Wize a call today on {{location_phone}}.

    The Number One Option for Resin Driveways in {{location_name}}

    A driveway is frequently taken for granted and it’s not till we no longer have access to it that we become aware just how necessary it is. From providing a protected and reliable spot to park your car to providing you with much-needed convenience, a driveway is an invaluable investment that’ll easily pay for itself with time. Additionally, having a driveway mounted or repaired automatically raises the value of your residential or commercial property.

    Regardless of what it is you require us to do, you can always count on the Resin Wize team when it comes to resin driveways. Following a consultation with you, we’ll have a precise estimation of the dimensions for your brand-new driveway.

    Because of this, we can offer virtually any colour as well as mix and match choices for really unique colour combinations. We aim to offer the best resin surfaces around and welcome any and all enquiries.

    Why Select Resin Wize?

    Selecting Resin Wize for resin driveways in {{location_name}} truly is a no-brainer. If you’ve shopped elsewhere already, let us know how much you were quoted.

    And by choosing us, you’ll have assurances that we only ever use premium-quality, UV-stabilised resin. Our resin will never fade or discolour, offers excellent resistances, and can support up to 30-tonnes of weight. Additionally, when you pick resin bound driveways, {{location_name}} clients, you’ll have a driveway that’s completely SUDS compatible.

    Would you like to learn more? Then contact Resin Wize today by calling us on {{location_phone}}.

    Neither scenario is tolerable, and the excellent news is that you will not have to put up with it for much longer, not with resin driveways.

    Here at Resin Wize, we’re a company of ex-civil engineers with years of experience behind us. Regardless of what it is you require us to do, you can always count on the Resin Wize team when it comes to resin driveways. Selecting Resin Wize for resin driveways in {{location_name}} definitely is a no-brainer. Plus, when you select resin bound driveways, {{location_name}} customers, you’ll have a driveway that’s completely SUDS compatible.

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    Colour options from Resin Wize Contractors
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    25 year product Resin Wize Contractors
    Very Economical Resin Wize Contractors
    Colour options from Resin Wize Contractors
    the Resin Wize Contractors


    Resin driveways are an increasingly popular option for home owners all over Dorset and also it’s easy to see why– the benefits they bring incorporated with their appealing visual provide people the very best of both worlds. This is why ours are resin driveways {{location_name}} property owners love!

    The mixture is created by putting together resin and aggregates in a forced-action mixer. Once mixed, it can be hand-trowelled onto a surface for a really smooth flat finish that’s seamless, long lasting as well as attractive, with many great style, colour as well as design alternatives readily available to select from.

    Because of the specialist way it’s mixed by our team of surfacing specialists, the resin bound system allows for small gaps in between aggregates, making it permeable. One more terrific feature of our resin driveways {{location_name}} will appreciate is that they can be laid over an existing surface.

    A tailored resin driveway will certainly allow water to pass through right into the ground underneath, which significantly helps in reducing flooding risks in urban and rural areas alike, which is very essential with British climate being the way it is.

    Only when you hire dedicated experts like Resin Wize to take care of the project from start to finish will you be able to guarantee that you get a lasting surface and all of the advantages that brings with it, including but not limited to the following:

    • 15 Year Install Guarantee
    • 25 Year Product
    • Amazing Selection of Available Colour Options
    • Eco-Friendly Solution
    • Fast Installation by Ex-Civil Engineers

    Very Competitive Pricing

    How Much Do Resin Driveways Cost?

    One thing we’ve noticed during our many years in the surfacing sector is that lots of people do not even consider a bespoke driveway because they automatically think that it’s going to be out of their budget– Resin Wize is here to assure you that “tailored” isn’t synonymous with “expensive” and you may be amazed at just how affordable one of these solutions can be.

    Not only that, one of our resin driveways {{location_name}} would not hesitate to advise as a wonderful financial investment into your property. This is due to the fact that a bespoke surface that’s been artistically and also meticulously made to match as well as match your home is going to end up raising your house’s market value should you ever make a decision to sell.

    In case you intend on staying for many years to come, the driveway should always be looked after to guarantee longevity. Practically speaking, it will provide you a safe place to park and stroll on when entering the property.

    When it comes to aesthetic allure, the driveway is the very first thing that individuals see upon arrival, so having a surface in place that’s durable and also visually pleasing at the exact same time gives you the very best of both worlds!

    As soon as a design has been decided on, you’ll be supplied with a no-obligation quote that’s going to detail all of the associated costs in list form. There will never ever be any kind of hidden costs or undesirable surprises at the end– we believe in offering a transparent service, so what you see is what you get with Resin Wize!

    What colours are resin driveways?

    Customisation is important to any driveway type, as it makes certain that you get a surface that is perfect for your property. Whereas tarmac and block paving surfaces can be quite limited in their colour choices, resin driveways, {{location_name}} clients, provide many. Thanks to the way that they’re made and laid, there are plenty of colour scheme options and combinations offered for resin surfaces.

    Things that makes resin surfaces so customisable with regards to colour is the fact that it’s made using aggregates. Made up of small stone chippings, aggregates form the main body of your resin surface and are key to its overall look. The small rocks that form aggregates can be found in a range of various colours, which is why there are so many options offered for resin surfaces.

    At Resin Wize we offer clients the chance to blend their aggregates so as to come up with an attractive colour-scheme for their driveway. You can mix up to four aggregates of varying colours to finish up with a look for your driveway that is totally distinct.

    As colour is so essential to clients investing in resin driveways, we at Resin Wize wish to make certain that such a great appearance is maintained. It is for this reason that every one of our driveways are made up of UV-stabilised resin, which implies that the colour of your driveway will not fade in the sun.

    Are resin driveways environmentally friendly?

    When investing a new driveway is whether or not it is environmentally friendly, one thing that {{location_name}} homeowners want to understand. While resin-bonded surfaces are much less environmentally friendly, unless using recycled aggregates, resin-bound is an outstanding option with the environment in mind. While both surfaces are lasting to a degree, resin-bound surfaces sport a function that makes them the superior eco-friendly option.

    As resin-bound surfaces are crafted through the mixture of the aggregate with the resin, the resulting surface is porous. What’s more, resin is SUDS compliant, so as water passes through your surface, it will replenish the planet with groundwater.

    Resin aside, the mere act of buying a driveway will make for far better environmental change in your area. Much less of the natural habitat on the roadside will be dominated by parked cars that harm the surrounding environment. Our resin driveways, {{location_name}} customers, are durable enough to be built around existing habitats and will not be interfered with by tree roots or various other expanding plants close by.

    Our team at Resin Wize know the environmental concerns of clients that are buying a new driveway. It is because of this that we have actually done our best to make our surfaces as sustainable as feasible. We’re constantly offered to talk about the eco homes of our driveways in more detail, so be sure to contact us if you need more details.

    What do you lay resin driveways on?

    To get the most out of your resin driveways, {{location_name}} clients, it is essential that the material is laid on the correct surface. It is absolutely suitable for our company of specialists to lay your new resin surface if your current surface is tarmac or smooth concrete. The standout aggregates will be aesthetically pleasing and the driveway itself will be structurally sound.

    Concrete slabs, block paving, or crazy paving are not appropriate bases for resin. If this takes place, your brand new resin surface might sustain fractures.

    A large number of commercial and domestic properties that we have worked with had well-suited surfaces for resin to be applied on to. Typically, it is unlikely that there will be a difficulty in this circumstances. If the foundations of the present surface are worn or weak, then the work can not be carried out.

    The existing surface has to be stable enough to support the resin surface otherwise it will be impossible for us to mount new resin driveways. In {{location_name}}, if we come across a property that has a worn out and cracked surface, we will need to strip it away and prepare a new base. It might look like a hassle, however in the end, a fresh base will increase the life expectancy of your new driveway.


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